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IBCC International Business Communication & Culture.

Welcome to IBCC.

IBCC stands for International Business Communication and Culture.

Our vision is to bring awareness, skills and new and efficient tools to the business community in order to improve human performance.

Our mission is to assist companies, organisations and individuals through presentations, research, training and coaching in order for them to be able to use their human capital in a superior manner.
In this way companies and organisations will increase happiness and creativity among employees which will lead to efficiency, profitability and growth.
Areas of focus are; Interactive Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Presentation Skills and Mental Training.

We have a background from international business and from behavioural science. Our Consultants have a wide and long experience from different fields within multinational companies and we combine our knowledge and experience into the following three areas:

We conduct Training, Research and Coaching.
We offer presentations on topics concerning human interaction and efficiency.

Contact us for courses, seminars, presentations and workshops in combination with team-coaching and individual coaching.

See also under “Offering” and homepage www.kreativforhandling.se

Contact IBCC and Jan-Ake Bjorck.

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