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Presentations and public speaking by Jan-Ake Bjorck as a speaker.

We offer presentations and a public speaking session on the following topics.

The seven secrets behind successful negotiators.

In today’s business climate, skills within the area of negotiation and communication are of outmost importance.

We dare to claim that there are very few skilful negotiators.

A skilful negotiator always wins respect and creates deals that are more profitable for all parties.
On top of that, she/he also ensures that excellent relations are being established between the parties and that all involved feel satisfied and as winners.

NLP as a tool for Leaders in business life.

NLP was developed by the professor in Linguistics, John Grinder and the mathematician and psychologist, Richard Bandler in the late 1970’s.
The concept came to be used by sportsmen and within the healthcare and the school system. Later on it has been applied in the business life and it has successfully shown to improve the following areas:

To improve communication skills, including verbal and non-verbal communication.

To become better at mediation, negotiation, and to create excellent relations.

To be a modern leader through coaching and to make others see the goals and achieve them.

To efficiently handle meetings.

To improve group development as a base for strength, efficiency and understanding.

To be able to handle your own feelings and emotions in order to handle difficult situations and relations.

The art of bridging cultural differences

Making business and communicating in your own environment or country can be a difficult task.
When you add another dimension of intercultural relationships the challenge becomes even greater.

How skills within interactive communication can provide powerful teams.

The individual in the center.

How can I motivate colleagues and other parties of interest to work towards common goals?
Why is it sometimes so difficult to understand each other?
What shall I think about in order to communicate my messages better?

The offering consists of public presentations and seminars.

In the English language and the Swedish language.

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