Jan-Åke Björk

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching.

Our Executive Coaching is based on individual coaching and Business Coaching is based on team coaching.

Just as top athletes use professional coaches to maintain the standards they need to reach higher achievements, so do successful business leaders increasingly make use of coaching to reach their top performance levels.

It re-energises, empowers and motivates business leaders. It is a learning process that results in a positive and lasting change.

Coaching is a non-critical, non-judgemental and impartial approach to guiding a person or a team towards fulfilling a potential in a way that family, friends, colleagues and managers often cannot because their judgement is clouded by their own issues.

Coaching helps a person or a team to understand their own personal and team strengths and it brings space to choose the right objectives. Then it deals with the formation of a future direction and suitable strategies in order to accomplish such objectives.

Furthermore, coaching brings the necessary support in order to take the steps to achieve the objectives.
Coaching helps individuals to capitalize on their strengths, develop critical insights, and bring new senses of purpose into their actions.

It helps individuals to see where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.

It helps teams to find a common value ground, identify group strengths, and improve understanding and communication within the group and outside the group.

This results in reduced conflicts and a cooperative spirit which in turn brings efficiency and better results.

IBCC also offers the service of Coaching/Mentorship in special applications such as organisational changes, negotiation situations and sales situations and as a preparation of presentations.
The mentorship part consists in these cases of advice as a complementary to the coaching activities.

The offering consists of Coaching and Mentorship

Company internal programs.(In English and in Swedish)

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