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Team Building and conflict management in order to achieve ONE team.

This description will provide you with a short summary of the contents of a training program around team building and team coaching through communication and the managing of conflicts.
You can download a more in depth information of what Teambuilding is all about, in a PDF format on the side. “Team Building”

Team coaching and conflict resolution through communication training.

You may already have noticed how important it is to have skills in communication?

Can you imagine what it feels like, to be understood and to be able to reduce misunderstandings and handle conflicts in a constructive manner?

Try to understand the other person’s point of view!

Dale Carnegie once said…, “Every act you have ever performed since the day you were born was performed because you wanted something.
By knowing the other person’s point of view, you will most likely also know what it is that they most want.”

How would it be to have a “flow in life”?

Through this program you and your team will create a foundation in order to motivate and better understand each other.

The result is that all in the team become one team.
Understand each other and see each others strengths, so that every participant can accept these strengths as a complement rather than as competition.

The ability to communicate and understand each other has become paramount to modern business life.

Why is that?
In modern world of working environment, we confront complex issues and customer behaviour is changing at a very fast rate.
This requires excellence in communication skills and conflict management.

Conflict management is really about making sure that conflicts don’t arise in the first place.

One easily forgets that organisations and projects consist of people.
Communication by its higher definition is therefore a very important enabler for increased understanding.


Conflicts cost billions..

Conflicts and misunderstandings that are not being properly handled cost companies enormous amounts.

Organisations that foresee the impact of conflicts, suffer from loosing customers, inefficiency, bad reputation, increased turnover in personnel, and a negative impact on motivation and self-esteem among personnel.

This program is directed to you who have responsibility to ensure the motivation and common understanding within a group.
It may concern a management group or a department or a project group that have challenges ahead.


Group development tools by means of the DISC, the giraffe-language and the science of NLP (Neuro Linguistc Programming)

We start with an individual DISC analysis, a personality analysis based on theories from W.M. Marston, and then an analysis in motivation.
These reports are then being analysed individually with a full support of the team-coach.

As the next step, we move forward in understanding differences and communication skills in order to bridge these differences in thinking patterns between the participants.
This is being performed via exercises, discussions, reflections and team-coaching, so that the group will come to term with and be able to utilize its common strength and become a group of common understanding.
As a final step we convey tools in mental training, tools in communication and conflict management and we of course implement knowledge with exercises.

Leadership through coaching and communication.

Communication is an art that is related to practical and extensional psychology.
You will learn how to read others and how to make contact on the level of the other party’s reality. You will also learn language patterns that opens up for understanding rather than building barriers.
We are for instance teaching the so called “giraffe language” as a non violent communication language.

Henry Ford once said, “If there is one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view, and see things from that person’s angle, as well as from your own.”

Everyone wants something.

Is it not interesting to note that excellence in communication to a great extent is an unconscious process?

In order to teach this we use the practical behaviour science of NLP (Neuro Linguistc Programming)

The ambition is that all participants will become motivated to work towards a common goal.

Through team building and conflict resolution by means of communication training, you will:

Understand yourself as a foundation to excellence in all communication.

Find your rhetoric based on your own personality and communication as a driving force in change management.

Achieve competence in communication with different personalities and the art of “reading” people between the lines.

Learn to bridge cross-cultural aspects.

Understand how to motivate your colleagues and get them to take personal responsibility and their own initiatives.

Be better understood by others in the group.

Understand how to take care of and being able to utilize the strengths, abilities and resources of others.

The offering consists of courses, seminars, presentations and workshops, team-coaching and individual coaching.

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