Jan-Åke Björk

Research in negotiation skills conducted by the means of NLP.

Our research is based on modelling of exceptionally successful performance within the areas of leadership skills, negotiation skills and major sales skills.

The main idea behind this research is to identify and map successful behaviour so that these underlying skills can be made available for others to use for their own benefit and for the benefit of their organisations.

When asking an extraordinary skilful person what her/his skill consist of e.g. “How do you do that?” one often gets the answer, “I just do it, it’s easy…” The person is usually unaware of her/his own successful behavioural pattern. This because all behaviour is to a very great extent based on subconscious patterns.
The modelling process makes these subconscious and hence “unknown” behavioural patterns conscious and known both to the person being modelled and the person conducting the modelling.

Experience has shown a great deal of appreciation among persons being modelled since they also learn more about themselves. In that way they can further improve their own skills because they are now aware of their own skilful mental patterns.

NLP, Neuro Linguistc Programming.

The methodology of modelling is based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which involves the observation and mapping of successful processes which underlie an exceptional behaviour of some kind.
The modelling process is about identifying and analysing a series of complex events and then breaking them into chunks so that they can be recapitulated in some way.

The whole purpose of this research within IBCC, is to identify and map very successful “models” in the field of leadership, negotiation and high level sales so that this behaviour can be used to reproduce or simulate by someone else who is motivated to do so.

In a sales organisation for example one can model the top 10 % achievers so that those skills, can be recaptured by others.
It is then possible that these few top performers in the particular sales application can transfer their knowledge to the rest of the sales force.

We are conducting modelling projects where some are open for disclosure while some are not due to integrity reasons.
We are happy to make a presentation on how a modelling project is being conducted.
We can exemplify by presentations on various modelling projects, i.e. how Walt Disney’s creative strategies where conducted. The interesting part here was to realise how those strategies can increase creativity in other organisations.

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