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Training in Negotiation skills and Conflict resolution.

This description will provide you with a short summary of the contents of a training program in negotiation skills.
You can download a more in depth information of what negotiation is all about, in a PDF format on the side. “Creative Negotiation”

Negotiation is about result and relations which will lead towards long term partnership.

Training in “Creative Negotiation” will provide you with a key enabler in knowledge, competence and skill within the area of negotiation.
This in turn will bring you proficiency and skills in negotiation which you can use instantly in the practical business life. You will also observe strong signs of improved cooperation with your customers, suppliers, colleagues and other parties of interests

Leaders, Management, Sales, Purchase and Project management etc.

A training course in negotiation will provide leaders and management within all areas of business and organisations, a sound platform for negotiation skills and conflict management.
The training is designed to provide negotiation skills for people involved in general management, sales, purchase, project managers and people involved in change management and process management.

Improved relations towards partnership and excellent negotiation results.

The philosophy behind the training in ”Creative Negotiation” is mainly aimed at striving for agreements where the relations between the parties are of paramount importance and where the total value of the agreement is increased. Both parties will reach agreements where both of them will be satisfied and feel like winners.

The expression win-win may be a simplification of the challenge in real business life. We usually say that”… you get what you negotiate and not necessarily what you deserve”. The foundation of the training is however based on striving for good business-relations so that all parties have a perception of satisfaction with the negotiation result.

Theory, businessman ship, psychology and behavioural science by means of NLP and mental training.

You will take part of the latest news in negotiation research and you will acquire a deep insight in the ”principled negotiation” explored initially at the Harvard Negotiation Project, Harvard University in Boston, U.S,.and research findings of Dr.C.L. Karrass, Stanford University,

We will also add unique simulations and exercises that are being used as a foundation from real business situations where we address some of the most important principles of business.

In combination with this you will also be provided with practical tools in communication and the psychology of negotiation by means of for instance techniques within the area of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and mental training for goal setting and behavioural techniques.

It is these interdisciplinary combinations which result in the fact that you as a course participant acquire tools that can be used in real business situations instantly. Many satisfied course participants can verify this.

Moving strategically through the various phases of negotiation we will teach how you in almost impossible situations, actually can reach agreements where both parties feel satisfied with the final agreement.

Your own negotiation style by means of a behavioural DISC analysis.

As a part of the training, you will also have the possibility to conduct an analysis (based on the DISC theory of W.M. Marston) that will provide you with information concerning your own personal negotiation style. Together with a professional negotiator who will assist in interpreting and analysing this report.
You will also get feedback and input from the various exercises in the context of negotiation and conflict management.

Jan-Åke Björck a trainer in Negotiation, NLP and mental training.

The course leader has a background of over 25 years in international negotiation experience from both sales and purchase situations. He is also known to have good pedagogic skills and he presents the material with great enthusiasm.
You will be able to test your negotiation style with a professional negotiator, who can analyse and bring forward suitable adjustments in order for you to become a negotiator of excellence.
It is possible for you to bring your own example of negotiating situations and in that way acquire assistance in applying successful solutions.

Training in Creative negotiation will also bring you conflict management and intercultural behaviour and:

An improved self-esteem and self-image in confronting situations of negotiations and you will be provided with an insight of your own negotiation style.

An increased understanding of the negotiation process and how you can analyse the negotiation strength of both parties.

Tools in order to establish successful negotiation strategies, tactics and negotiation techniques.

Knowledge in the art of establishing good relations with your negotiating partners.

Communication tools in order to improve your ability to handle “difficult people”, to reveal lies, and to handle “dirty tricks” from the other party.

Skills in order to reach agreements that will benefit business relations and the business result.

Improved skills in handling intercultural aspects.

The offering consists of courses, seminars, presentations and workshops.

Company internal courses.(In English and Swedish)

Open courses .(In English and Swedish)

Certification in “Excellence in business-negotiation”, in cooperation with Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan (SLH)

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