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Cross culture training in intercultural negotiation skills.

IBCC is together with SLH (Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan) proud to present a unique concept in organizing training that combines competence from both intercultural related issues and business negotiation at the same time.
At present we have a focus on Chinese and Western cultures.
The training concept is called “Cross Culture Negotiation”

This description will provide you with a short summary of the contents the training program.

You can download a more in depth information of what this concept can do for you in a PDF format on the side. “Cross Culture Negotiation”.

In international trade you must understand what communication is really all about.

Why a combined training course in negotiation and intercultural behaviour?

A competence in cultural behaviour is absolutely paramount to survival in today’s business environment.

Communication is a great challenge within the same culture, or even within the same company or family.
When we consider cultural differences, we add another dimension of a barrier that we have to bridge.

It also happens to be so that negotiations usually takes place in the early phase of a business relationship and is therefore very relevant to put a focus on.

This why the concept of “Cross Culture Negotiation” is so much in line with the times that every single company in some way or another is facing.

Communication training and negotiation skills as a platform for competence in cross cultural understanding.

In all our training we make a separation between knowledge and competence. The difference is that competence is something that will remain also after training has been conducted. While knowledge very often dissolves as a temporary asset.
After traditional courses, people tend to behave in a similar manner as before the course, even though they have received information of what to do and not to do.

Experience has shown that in order to learn something which leads to a permanent competence, the best way is to use the learning method of ”learning by doing”.

In our business negotiation courses, the methods of learning consist of theories combined with discussions, reflections and with a multitude of exercises in the form of negotiation games. This is where the actual learning takes place which leads to competence rather than just knowledge.

The same thing applies for the teaching of differences in cultural aspects. The difficulties in teaching cultural differences are based on the fact that it is necessary to create an environment where it is possible to conduct relevant exercises.

This is why the combination of negotiation and cultural aspects is so powerful.
Exercises in cross cultural negotiation shall be relevant to both cultures in terms of interactive communication, values and ethics.

A “Cross Culture Negotiation” training-program has an initial set up of dealing with two different cultures in one course.
The participants will consist of approximately equal amount of persons represented by each respective culture.
The training will be led by two instructors where each one is grown up and very familiar with one of the two cultures concerned.

In order to understand and integrate with another culture it is important to sense the feeling of the differences in the cultures through relevant exercises and negotiation games that are specially designed to assist in reflecting the cultural differences.
After each negotiation game we discuss, and reflect upon the differences between the two cultures in order to further implement the learning experiences.

A program of Cross Culture Negotiation always includes theoretical teachings around the two cultures by two course leaders who together represent a deep knowledge of both cultures.

The program in progress is at present between Chinese and Western culture.

The training can also result in team building and prevent conflict situations.

The participants can consist of a group where a business relationship is already established in real life. In such a case it will also provide for increased understanding and a platform for cooperation in the future.

Or it can consist of a group constellation where the participants from the two different cultures do not know each other and where they have no intensions of entering business with each other in the future.
The advantage with such a group is that the participants are more willing to reveal a part of their own integrity.

The offering consists of courses, workshops, team-coaching and individual coaching.

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