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Effective Negotiation, Communication and Conflict Management as a part of your daily life.

What does it mean to be an excellent negotiator?

”You get what you negotiate and not necessarily what you deserve.” C.L.Karrass.


”To be able to create a number of alternative solutions, put the interests at focus and separate relations from the task.” Harvard Negotiation project


”To master the art of increasing understanding and finding common grounds of interests.”

Skilled negotiators can find solutions in order to reach an agreement that leads to an advantage for all parties involved.

Communication in its higher dimension is the only way in order to constructively and in a positive and effective manner reach this goal.”
Jan-Åke Björck.

The answer is not at all that simple!

One thing is for sure…bad negotiation results and conflicts, cost companies astronomic sums of money and an improvement within the art of negotiation will provide direct and apparent results of great magnitudes.

Getting to Yes in your daily life and in negotiations in formal business life.

We negotiate all the time, even without being aware of it.

What does it mean to you to have great skills in negotiation?

Are you always being understood?

Do you affect people in a positive manner?

Do you easily agree with your colleges and others surrounding you?

Are you in the flow of life?

Can you discover a lie or even a psychopath?

How many Yes do you get?

The ambition is that that you shall go from traditional knowledge to become better and better towards a permanent competence which will lead you to being a negotiator of excellence.

What does it mean to your company if you reach improved skills in the area of formal business negotiation?

Do you have a self-image and a self-confidence of your own negotiation style and negotiation power?

Do you know which type of personality and which type of negotiations that suits you best?

Do you know how to prepare, how to set flexible goals and how to analyze your strengths?

Do you master communication and the psychological game of a business negotiation?

Can you establish a negotiation strategy and tactics and master necessary negotiation techniques?

Do you know how to handle aggressive people and”dirty tricks” from the other part?

Are you acquainted with businessman ship and how to reach positive results at the same time as you can manage to improve relations in an efficient negotiation process?

How many Yes can you and your colleagues stand up for?

A course in “Creative Negotiation” will lead you to remarkable improvements.

These are some of the areas that we will deal with in a training program of”Creative Negotiation” and the ambition is that you will achieve a competence that will remain and that can be fully applied directly after the course.

Learn about BATNA and go from there.

BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiation Agreement) is one of the principles that help you in order to raise your confidence in yourself as a negotiator.

Negotiations go on all the time in your daily life, in your home, with friends and neighbors, in your working environment and of course in your formal negotiations within areas of business life, politics, diplomatic issues, union- employer situations, salary negotiations, the juridical system, the police and the environment of health care etc

Our training and our services are aimed at top management, middle management, leaders, Key Account Management (KAM), sales managers, purchase management and project management.

Getting to Yes.

Why is it then so important to be a skillful negotiator?  Excellence in negotiation will provide for solutions when it comes to differences in opinions and conflicts in a constructive and positive manner. Actually top negotiators rarely end up in conflict situations.

Our methods are unique in such a way that competence is in focus rather than traditional knowledge. This is being achieved via training, practice and reflection. We usually say that practicing a successful behavior more than 5 times brings a permanent behavior that becomes a natural part of you, for the rest of your life.

Negotiation is a psychological game where communication and conflict handling are vital aspects.

Knowledge of business aspects is also a vital part in business negotiations as it is important to understand what you negotiate about and the consequences that may follow.

The difference between our training and traditional training is the cross knowledge which takes into consideration the human aspects and the psychological aspects as well as the business aspects.

Negotiation courses are often very popular because they include exercises that exemplify real situations which results in very stimulating exercises. This is very good, because we want participants who enjoy the course and we fully believe that this in turn will result in learning new skills.

However, what we also want to achieve, is that the participants try new and different behavior which will improve the negotiation process, so that you really improve in what you are doing in daily life.

Unfortunately many traditional training programs miss this very important aspect in the learning process.

Courses, seminars, workshops and presentations, coaching, mentorship and mediation.

We offer you:  Internal courses in negotiation. (In English and Swedish)

Open courses in negotiation. (In English and Swedish)

Cross-culture, a negotiation course combining negotiation and intercultural aspects (In English only)

Team-coaching, and group training in communication. (In English and Swedish)

Certification in”Excellence in Business Negotiation” through Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan (SLH).

A speaker, a coach and a mentor. (In English and Swedish)

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